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martes, 6 de septiembre de 2016

Forbidden Tabitha Suzuma

< She is pretty and talented - sweet sixteen and never been kissed.
He is seventeen; gorgeous and on the brink of a bright future.
And now they have fallen in love. 

But . . . 
They are brother and sister >

Note: I put the review in English just to give my opinion to the author. The real review of the week, is in Spanish

We need to clear the mind, not in a public place, absolute concentration, and a good compendium of allegorical elements that help us cope with reading such a story as incredible as traumatic (not to say that already, is a drama that Creek in bones).
I will issue not too many words about this beautiful book. I can only add to this review of the week, which had been recommended to me thousands of times, telling me that I would mourn, the story of Maya and Lochie would be brutal for my weak heart. Thing to happen all warnings that I put in my way, I decided to let go.
My situation do not know if you can compare with the experience of many, to read "Forbidden" of Tabitha Suzuma. I remember very well when I went to bed 00:00 hours at the beginning of the last chapter and my eyes opened wide at 4:00 am, to culminate it. I could not leave it! And I was fine, very fine. Even at the peak time where you learn what's going to happen, I could bite my nails thinking about my emotional tranquility ... until the impossible happened, the inevitable; And I collapsed like a house of cards. As if I had been hit in the stomach. As if suddenly I had given the worst news of my life.

Ready. I finished the book, "I left that" as they say. But the day was not as current or coming out of my house, not breathing, or to address the work, not even with daily activities conducted in the station ... My moment was slow, very slow inside a glass jar which move back and forth, and I am the enclosed butterfly trying to calm the certainty that I am real ... and they do not.
But they are not real? In the world ... is it possible that they are not real?
Leave available to my recommendation to buy this book, one of the best-selling author Tabitha Suzuma, to experience loudly, freehand and with heart in hand, cadence and decadence ... that brother and sister love each other.

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